Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hip Hop HK

The other they I came across these hip hop graffiti portraits of Biggie Small, Tupac, and Big Pun. My reaction was extremely surprise. In HK you hardly see graffiti or any sort art on the walls, plus the images were of US rap artist..

These three men have one thing in common the relevance of the lyrics created and how each of their fan base identified with the messages that were being conveyed.

The ability of each of these rappers to entertain as well as inform kept their record sales in the millions.

R.I.P to them all

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Caricatures Sketch

A sketch by my roommate Jihun Yeom. His interpretation of me.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Korean Cuisine. Bibimbap!!!!!

The other week went over to a friend house, and had some really good homemade Korean food. Probably the best Korean food I ever had. Her mother, who was currently visiting, cooked it all.
She gave everyone her entire recipe. Really nice of her. Bibimbap was one of the dishes she made. Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with tone of vegetables and ground beef. A raw or fried egg are common additions.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Mansion

When I first arrived I lived in a mansion. An 8 bedroom home with a indoor pool, a dog( Cucu) and a maid( Letty). I was the only person there. I found the place on Craiglist for the low. The lady that owns it was currently living in California. She raised her children there, and then decided to move to America. She wants to make money off of an empty house, so she's renting it out for a reasonable price as a serviced apartment/long stay hotel kind of place.
The price was considerable reasonable from what I previously look at before. Each bedroom had an adjacent bath. It was really nice. Big size kitchen, big size yard. Plus it had a few balconies. It was a very substantial size place. I had quite a few parties there. Only issue I had with it was that it was little bit sort of removed from the city. But it was only a short ride on the bus or train to get anywhere.
The scenery at night was great. Completely pitch black. Only thing you could see is the stars and the silhouettes of the mountains. I would spend some nights out there reading or sketching.

Since then I have completely down graded to a village house. Which is a lot more close to my office and the rent is dirt-cheap. It’s essentially a concert box split into units by floor.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Feet...

This pass night I was on the train, coming back from eating dinner with some friends, and this mid age Asian guy out of know where started picking his toes. He leaned his nasty foot on the hand rail to get in better position. Everyone on the train was grossed out. Only in HK. If this was New York he would of got smacked. Literally...

So I decided to snap a couple of picture on my iphone when he wasn't looking.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hong Kong & I

So…. I’ve been here in Hong Kong for about 8 month now. And it’s been a complete eye opener. I live in the New Territories (NT for short), one of the three main regions of Hong Kong. The other two are Hong Kong Island, and Kowloon peninsula. I’m literally 10 minutes away from the China border on train. Hong Kong is divided in a similar fashion as NYC. The main Borough (Hong Kong Island) is where all the big business is, and then the other boroughs for support. NT and Kowloon is where majority of the low and mid income families live. Overall the population of HK is roughly about 7 million people. It’s little bit smaller then New York. But it's a really tight squeeze. Everyone is stacked up like sausages. The average apt is about 300- 500 sg ft. it’s really small. That’s the average size of a bedroom back home, in an average size home. Exaggerating a little but it quite close. I live in the mountains with 2 of my coworkers who are from Korea. Totally different lifestyle and experience. I had to fight with them both before we decided to get some couches. According to them it’s not a common thing in Korea to have a couch or comforter. The first couple of weeks living with them I had to sit on the floor and cross my legs to eat. In every single home in Hong Kong you must remove your shoes before you enter anyone home. Usually people have a few pairs of slippers in there home for visitors. It's done in America but not as stressed.

-First Junk Boat party. Oct 28th 08 A junk is a Chinese sailing boat. It’s a common source of entertainment.
-Vtech, Christmas away from home. Dec 17 08 This was my friend Christmas away from home. At my job we decided to play secret Santa and I got a burger phone….. lame

-Gallery hopping with Alex , Jesse, and Austin, fellow scad graduates.
will post more soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finally dude

It's time!!!!
It took me forever to catch up. But I finally realize this is the direction communication and keeping in touch with people is heading. Welcome to my Blog. This blog is made to keep people informed on whats going on in my life. I'll try to post stuff from time to time

Please feel free to comment, debate, or critique anything I might post.

Holla at your boy